We are very grateful to our patrons who’s ongoing support allows us to put on such fabulous shows year on year.

If you would like to become a patron please contact our Patronage Secretary Jacqui Lindsay through our contact form.

Our Patrons

Mr C Blockley
Mrs Beckett
Mr and Mrs Brooks
Mrs M Church
Mrs I Clark
Mrs J Cleverley
Mrs J Farrington
Mr and Mrs J Field
Mr P Gray
Mr and Mrs K Hand
Mr J Humphreys
Mr and Mrs J Jenkins
Mr and Mrs J Kirk
Mrs D Laurens
Dr G Lees
Mrs F Maddy
Mr and Mrs C Maxwell
Mr and Mrs I McCutcheon
Mrs J McFarlane
Mr and Mrs J McLeman
Mrs M Morgan

Mr D Neale
Mr and Mrs O’Hara
Mrs S Pitcher
Mr J Stagg
Mr and Mrs M Watkins