Past Shows

January 1960Cinderella
April 1960Reluctant Heroes
Autumn 1960Antigone
January 1961Jack And The Beanstalk
Spring 1961Two Dozen Roses
Autumn 1961The Seven Year Itch
January 1962Aladdin
March 1962Bell Book And Candle
June 1962Carnival Concert
September 1962Look Back In Anger
January 1963Princess And The Swineherd
Spring 1963The Rape Of The Belt
October 1963The Long The Short And The Tall
January 1964Will Any Gentleman
Autumn 1964Marching Song
January 1965Wizard Of Oz
July 1965The Irregular Verb To Love
January 1966Beauty And The Beast
May 1966Billy Liar
October 1966My Three Angels
January 1967Treasure Island
April 1967The Reluctant Debutante
October 1967Mandragola
January 1968Mother Goose
May 1968Doctor In The House
January 1969Robinson Crusoe
May 1969Something To Hide
January 1970Rainbow City
Spring 1970Semi Detached
January 1970Rainbow City
October 1970The Rivals
January 1971Humpty Dumpty (Cancelled)
March 1971What The Butler Saw
April 1971One Act Plays
December 1971On Monday Next
April 1972White Liars & Black Comedy
June 1972Lion In Winter
May 1973The Hollow Crown
January 1975Camelot
May 1975Pleasure And Repentance
January 1976The Wizard Of Oz
January 1977Aladdin
April 1977The Ghost Train
January 1978Sleeping Beauty
March 1978The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie
June 1978Killing Of Sister George
January 1979Cinderella
Spring 1979Alice In Wonderland
January 1980Robinson Crusoe
May 1980Oliver
December 1980Toad Of Toad Hall
January 1981Toad Of Toad Hall
September 1981Concert-Beoley
December 1981Dick Whittington
January 1982Dick Whittington
April 1982Move Over Mrs Markham
January 1983Jack And The Beanstalk
July 1983Captain Beaky
January 1984Mother Goose
January 1985Aladdin
June 1985Not Now Darling
January 1986Babes In The Wood
May 1986Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something
September 1986Ghost Train
January 1987Ali Baba
May 1987Murder Deferred
January 1988Cinderella
June 1988Chase Me Comrade
July 1988Show Time Festival Concert
November 1988American Evening
January 1989Sleeping Beauty
May 1989Surprise Package
October 1989Stepping Out
January 1990Pinocchio
May 1990Time Murderer Please
September 1990Flying Feathers
January 1991Aladdin
May 1991Farndale – Macbeth
September 1991Off The Hook
January 1992Santa In Space
May 1992A Touch Of Danger
September 1992Farndale – Castle
January 1993Cinderella
June 1993Salad Days
September 1993Bedroom Farce
January 1994Puss In Boots
May 1994Fools Rush In
September 1994Alphabetical Order
January 1995Babes In The Wood
June 1995Camelot
September 1995Tons Of Money
January 1996Dick Whittington
June 1996Confusions
September 1996Kindly Leave The Stage
January 1997Jack And The Beanstalk
June 1997The Boyfriend
September 1997A Murder Is Announced
January 1998Frankenstein The Panto
June 1998The Enquiry
September 1998Post Horn Gallop
January 1999The New Adventures Of Hansel And Gretel
September 1999Plaza Suite
January 2000 Mother Goose
June 2000Murder In Play
September 2000Ferndale Ladies Murder Mystery
January 2001Beauty And The Beast
June 2001Do Not Disturb
September 2001 Natural Causes
January 2002Cinderella
May 2002Wizard Of Oz
September 2002Farndale Ladies Christmas Carol
January 2003Aladdin
June 2003When We Are Married
September 2003Murdered To Death
January 2004Treasure Island
May 2004Steel Magnolias
September 2004Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime
January 2005Sleeping Beauty
May 2005Haywire
September 2005Snake In The Grass
January 2006Red Riding Hood
May 2006‘Allo ‘Allo
September 2006Murder By The Book
January 2007Dick Whittington
May 2007Heatstroke
September 2007Curtain Up On Murder
February 2008Robin Hood & His Merry Men
May 2008See How They Run
September 2008Two/Green forms
January 2009Sinbad
May 2009Gaslight
September 2009Fawlty Towers
January 2010Cinderella
May 2010Suddenly At Home
September 2010Sandcastles
January 2011Jack & The Beanstalk
May 2011Deckchairs
September 2011It Runs In The Family
January 2012Aladdin
May 2012Spring and Port Wine
September 2012Second From Last In The Sack Race
January 2013Sleeping Beauty
June 2013The Obituary Show & The Real Inspector Hound
September 2013Murder On The Nile
January 2014Snow White
June 2014Take Away the Lady
January 2015Goldilocks
May 2015Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders
 September 2015The Titfield Thunderbolt
 February 2016 Alice in Wonderland