Meet the Titfield Characters

The Titfield Thunderbolt

So you’ve seen the film but can you remember who all the characters are? If you haven’t seen the film then you won’t have a clue – until now! Here’s a brief outline of the principal characters at Titfield ….

Lady Edna Chesterford
A dignified middle-aged member of the “County” set . . . . she has the best interests of the village at heart and is, indeed, clearly a part of village life, as she is not averse to drinking in the local pub, The Pig and Whistle.

Titfield Platform Manager – profoundly saddened by the news of the Line Closure.

Mr Blakeworth
Town Clerk. An official, a little bit pompous . . . . realises the importance of a round of Golf in the smooth running of The Community.

Dan Taylor
Local lovable rogue. Poacher, but worked on the railways for many years. He also, very conveniently, lives in a disused railway carriage.

Vernon Crump
Villain! A bit of an “Arthur Daly” . . . . always one with an eye for a deal – but not always very successful at it.

Harry Crump
A young lad with a good heart trying to make his way in the world . . . despite the attempted influence of his villainous and scheming father.

Joan Weech
Our heroine, and niece of the Vicar, Sam Weech. She keeps a kindly eye on her Uncle, helps look after the Pig and Whistle and is definitely NOT ATTRACTED to Harry Crump. [Yeah . . . . right . . . . ]

Sam Weech
The Vicar. Hero of the piece because he can drive an engine [not that Dan Taylor is entirely convinced] He is Joan’s uncle, and an avid steam train fan . . . . oh, and a Vicar in his spare time.

Mr Valentine
Local chap – very wealthy and such a regular at The Pig and Whistle that he has his own seat by the bar. He often goes there drinking with Lady Edna, but she doesn’t want to admit it.

Miss Coggett
Glamorous. Employed by villainous Vernon Crump as a fake witness at the hearing about the line closure. But Sam the Vicar recognises her . . . . .

Miss Ruddock
Chairs the hearing about the proposed line closure.

Mrs Bottomley
A Titfield villager and staunch supporter of the Titfield railway line.

Sergeant Wilson
Cor lummy, Guv . . . . it’s the law. After a bit of a misunderstanding, he eventually arrests the villain . . .

Mr Clegg
The Railway Inspector, instructed to check on progress after the judgement of the hearing.  A hard-working, tired, but fair-minded man.

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