Meet the Panto Cast!

If you’ve been wondering if Goldilocks has an ‘offstage’ identity to protect her from the media, or wondering if one of your friends has been moonlighting as a wasp then wonder no longer – we can reveal the cast list for Goldilocks!

Goldilocks – Katie Maxwell

Tomtom – Wayne Bartlett

Auntie – Paul Holtom

Choppit – Stephanie Jepson

Splinter – Lianne Murphy

Queen Bee – Fiona Robson

Ray – Nicola Douglas

Daddy Bear – Neil McBride

Mummy Bear – Lisa Maxwell

Baby Bear – Inaaya Asad

Phoebee – Sadie Cooper

Penelobee – Lauren Bradwell

Loubee – Lydia Shorey

Abbee – Ingrid Ashe

Kevin the Wasp – Helen Douglas

Brian the Wasp – Graham Robson

Wolf – Lily Mcmeekan

Adult Chorus – Kirsty Asad, Steph Surrey, Andrew Bellamy, Gala McBride, Natasha Elston-Hall, Carlynne McHugh, Rosemary Smith.

Children’s Chorus – Eleanor Surrey, Charlotte Surrey, Ameena Asad.

Looking forward to seeing them all in action!