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Phoenix Players

Stratford-upon-Avon Drama Group

We are a well-established drama group based in Stratford upon Avon.  We’ve been running since 1945 and have performed many plays, pantomimes and musical shows over the years. We like to perform a variety of plays, from whodunits through to farces, comedies and classic dramas.  We have a history of pantomimes and have included the occasional musical in our repertoire too!
Our next show is:

On a dark and stormy night, a king is murdered, his infant son taken from the castle.  As the usurping Duke Felmet claims the throne, three witches – the severe Granny Weatherwax, the amiable Nanny Ogg, and the naive Magrat Garlick – meet to plan the fate of the exiled Prince and, indeed, the entire country.

At least, they’ll get round to that, once they’ve had a nice cup of tea.  With biscuits.

Adapted from Terry Pratchett’s novel by Stephen Briggs, and brought to life in this amateur production by the Phoenix Players, Wyrd Sisters takes all the classic trappings of a Shakespeare tragedy and turns them up till the knobs fall off.  With an evil Duke and Duchess, three Witches, a Fool, a ghost, a demon, an unlikely troupe of actors, and more besides, this play has something for everyone – and nothing is quite as it seems…